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Old Town of Bucharest Caffee – Arcade Cafe

Arcade Cafe is in the heart of Bucharest’s heart, in the middle of the Old Center of Bucharest, in the middle of the cubic boulevard and worn-out buildings. As a caffé that stands out through the Paris-style attic with a view of the Tour Eiffel. Here we have proof that the small alleys in the capital are not worthy of attending only in the summer, when they are filled with street meals.
The warm atmosphere will conquer you right away and take you to one of the pubs on the streets of Paris.

The interior is generous, divided into 3 living areas and allows for the organization of various events, from a romantic dinner to two on birthdays and company events.

Arcade Cafe Summer Garden

The first part is a salon with wooden tables and wrought iron chairs that dominate the frame, all kinds of decoration items attract your attention, from chandeliers, paintings and all kinds of hot-light lamps.

WinterGarden Arcade Cafe

Arcade Cafe also has an indoor terrace (wintergarden). Here the atmosphere is relaxing, the space is filled with plants and wrought iron elements glued to walls that come from another century.

Pub & Lounge Arcade Cafe

The last part is the basement space (called the new lounge). Like any respectable lounge, the warm colors are complemented by comfortable sofas, square chairs, many vintage paintings and tastefully chosen decor items. A place with a pleasant ambience with a special design where weekly karaoke evenings, live music evenings, theme parties with DJ.
Also in the basement there is an intimate barrel so that, whether you have a coffee break, a lunch, a dinner or an evening event, everything is handy for a quick serving.

Arcade Cafe Kitchen

The cuisine is international and you will easily recognize the Italian, French and Romanian influences. Whether you choose beef steak, fine cheese platter, mushrooms gratinated with mozzarella, rucola, nuts and sweet chili, a dozen pasta and salads or even pork ribs (boiled in black beer, soy sauce and honey). Interesting are also the Arcade sandwiches that you find besides potatoes wedges and salmon, prosciuto crudo, tuna … the quality of the ingredients we choose will turn every dish into a feast of the taste buds.

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